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Gopher Buddy Settings per OU

Our example use case: staff who have Chromebooks were not able to access / use a certain website’s appointment setting application using their Chromebook. The site stated their OS’s were out of date. We have tested and are moving to OS v85 but need to delay the student’s Chromebooks updates until we have a window between assessment tests. Therefore we have a need to update the staff’s CBs now, but not the student’s CBs.

Currently, Gopher Buddy settings affect the entire domain. So in this case, we can’t have Buddy alert staff that their OS is out of date and that an update is ready because that would also notify students. And with students, we have a policy in place to restrict the OS level. This would cause mass confusion… the Buddy ext would be informing students that their OS needs updating, but when attempting to update, it would state that it already is up-to-date.

Having the ability for Google admins to configure Gopher Buddy notifications per OU would solve this issue.

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  • Oct 26 2020
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