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More resolution and longitudinal data storage in device activity reporting

Because this feature depends on changes to Google's APIs, votes on this feature will be used to encourage the Chrome team to respond to user demand and make this possible.

An example of a suggestion from the community (see )

1) Average number of used devices per OU for each minute (Type 1)
2) Average number of used devices per OU for each day (Type 2)

All historical records which are described above should be stored in the following periods:

1) Type 1 records should be stored for a last month

2) Type 2 records should be stored for five years

As a result we may do the following:

1) Create a detailed graph of usage profile of devices in different classes throughout a lesson

2) Plan to exchange devices between classes throughout a day

3) Make a decision about which classes can use devices at home and which classes should store devices at school.

4) Create a forecast of devices usage for strategic decisions based on five years historical data. 

  • Shiloh gealogo
  • Oct 15 2016
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  • Admin
    Shiloh gealogo commented
    31 Jul, 2017 08:09pm

    As mentioned, the parts of this request that were practical to implement have already been implemented in the form of OU and daily device utilization reports, which can store from 30 to 90 days of aggregate utilization history.   These methods utilize Sheets as a data store, hence the imposition of size limitations, and they are limited by the data available in Google's APIs.    For more robust longitudinal storage, a separate feature request will be opened.

  • Admin
    Shiloh gealogo commented
    2 Jun, 2017 08:57pm

    We've addressed this desire to some extent with a release in Spring 2017 that includes longitudinal reports of daily device utilization by OU.

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