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Parse the input of a "List of IDs" and return only serial numbers.

My Chromebook's bar-code contains MODEL,SERIAL,WARRANTY.






Currently I have to save this as a .CSV file, then extract the middle row from the CSV file , and paste it into the field.


It would be nice for Chrome Gopher to automatically recognize and remove unneeded information and return the Chromebooks that it matches.


This change could also be applied to the quick find and update, so Librarians can scan the Chromebook barcode as-is and have it return information.

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  • Jun 21 2018
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  • Guest commented
    July 09, 2018 21:23

    I would like to expand on this idea.


    My Samsung Chromebooks have an extra letter appended to the serial on the barcode, but on Google it does not have the letter at the end. (Example: OUG99FCF922A)


    My Lenovo Chromebooks also have extra information appended right next to the serial number. I have to use =LEFT(CELL,8) to get the correct serials before inputting in Gopher. (Example: LR05JK8ULRNXB6517004)



    If there is a duplicate serial number in the list of IDs, the ¨Load to Sheet" button does not activate. Expected behavior is to ignore duplicate serial number and notify.


    If there is an incomplete serial number in the list, it will return all Chromebooks that match the partial serial. I do not see a scenario where I would need to search for Chromebooks like this, expected behavior would be to notify as invalid serial number.

  • Stephen Gale commented
    July 18, 2018 20:00

    You can use an arrayformula to extract the data you're looking for:

    =Arrayformula(Regexextract(A2:A, ",(.*),"))

    This will return the values between the columns.

    It would like built in Deduplication of Serial Number results when importing from a List of IDs.