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Add LAN IP Address & IP Addresses Last Updated Time columns for theft recovery or missing

This would assist us in tracking and disabling device that should not be used outside of our school.

Example: Lets say I know that no device should be used on the weekend, I would filter to only show devices last synced on 05/27/2018 (Sunday), I would then look at the type of ip address. All of our schools will start with 10.X.X.X so I would ignore those, I will then review the rest of the IP address (most should start with 192.168.X.X) next I will check the last time this device IP address has been updated, if it has been a few months then I would know this device has not been on site in a few months and should probably be disabled.

Thank you

  • Omar Enriquez
  • May 26 2018
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