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Ability to DEPROVISION devices

The new (as of 10/16) "action" API endpoint for ChromeOsDevices makes it possible to change the provisioned state of a device, and the newest version of GAM includes commands to action a device.  Chrome Gopher should include the "Status" column in the set of editable fields. Accidentally de-provisioning a large number of devices would be a very painful experience, so the user will need to be adequately prompted when making changes to the provisioned status. 

  • Andrew Stillman
  • Oct 15 2016
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  • Admin
    Andrew Stillman commented
    October 30, 2016 21:36

    Curious - how common is it that a very large number of devices need to be de-provisioned?  Why is Chrome Gopher likely to be an easier place to perform this bulk de-provisioning than the admin console?

  • Aaron Slutsky commented
    January 27, 2017 15:50

    I just had to deprovision 4 chromebooks.  We sent them in for warranty work, but they decided to replace with new machines.  I was given 4 serial numbers.  I don't know a way to search and pull up those 4 to deprovision in the admin panel.  My work around was to pull them up in Chrome gopher and move them to an OU that I normally don't use for chromebooks.