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Bulk move devices to OU

It would be nice to be able to bulk move devices to an OU based on a value you have for the device. For example, if I have a cart of 30 devices, and I'm populating the Notes with the name of the cart/device and mapping Cart XX to OU XX. This would make it much easier to migrate devices or place them if you have been bad and not sorted them since you started...

  • Michael Clark
  • Oct 26 2016
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  • Admin
    Andrew Stillman commented
    October 30, 2016 21:40

    Not sure I understand how what's being proposed is different than the current functionality of Chrome Gopher.  E.g. filter the sheet for a given location, bulk modify the OU in the Sheet  (via copy / paste) on the filtered rows, and run a bulk update.  Given how easy it is to do what I just described, can you clarify why you believe a separate feature for OU moving base on a notes value is needed?

  • Guest commented
    June 22, 2018 18:27

    I think this is similar to an idea that I have. Bulk tasks without having to wait for extra data that is not needed at the particular time to load.Attached is a quick sample of what I had in mind:


    Highlighting a group of serials and right clicking would bring up the Chrome Gopher Menu.

    This Menu would include tasks that are bulk in action, but not necessarily need to be loaded to the devices sheet. Tasks could include:Move to particular OU, Deprovision, Disable/Renable, or Add A Particular Note.