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Automate Annual Roll over for 1:1 environments

Wouldn't it be great if you could click a button and all devices from a particular OU (lets say "/Students/High School/Grade 9") moved to a given destination ("/Students/High School/Grade 10" in our example) ?  I see this a wonderful addition for schools who want to keep devices in the same OU as students.  GCDS (formerly GADS) can be configured to move users from one grade to the next, but it leaves the devices behind.

Include mappings of Source and Destination in a Modular window so that users can customize the automation flow. Include an "+Add another" for update paths (Grade 9 to 10, Grade 10 to 11, etc.).

All updates reference the data found in the Devices tab as authoritative to prevent cascading.(Move Device 1 from A to B then B to C, then C to D etc.)

  • Stephen Gale
  • Oct 25 2016
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  • Stephen Gale commented
    October 25, 2016 21:23

    Verify Source and Destination OUs from Existing Domain. Remove any Source from dropdown that has previously been mapped.

  • Admin
    Andrew Stillman commented
    October 30, 2016 21:34

    This and many other actions like it can be done in Chrome Gopher now -- e.g. just import all devices in a given OU, change the OU in the Sheet, run a bulk update.  Not sure I understand why something that is, at most, a one-time-per-year task, requires a dedicated UI for automation?

  • Jeffrey Berthiaume commented
    August 01, 2017 01:56

    I understand what you're trying to do, we use YOG numbers so they do not have to "roll".